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News & events

NIH Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats Network Research Symposium

June 15-17, 2016
Davis, CA, USA


June 13-16, 2016
Brussels, Belgium
Booth # H005

Japan Society of Toxicology

June 29 - July 1  -  Nagoya - Japan
Booth#51, 7th Floor, WINC AICHI
Sponsored seminar: Non-invasive & implanted telemetry for large animals

Non-invasive & implanted telemetry for large animals
29 June, 2016 - 1:00PM to 2:00PM

Join us for lunch as we present key features of our new easyTEL DIGITAL implanted and emkaPACK4G non-invasive telemetry for large animals.

Dr Mutsumi Miyamoto, Director Safety Pharmacology at Envigo, will explain how her company uses emka TECHNOLOGIES noninvasive telemetry and software suite to perform ECG, respiratory and neurological safety pharmacology and toxicology studies on dogs, NHP and minipigs.

JG Napoléoni, CEO of emka TECHNOLOGIES will introduce easyTEL-DIGITAL implanted telemetry. Results from recent studies at CROs in the USA and China will also be presented.


New implanted telemetry

We are pleased to introduce our new easyTEL product line!
This cost effective fully implantable monitoring solution is available for rodents and large animals.
Our range of implants offers the ability to record the following parameters, depending on your study needs: